July 11, 2014

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Why Jay Cutler Wishes He Could be Tony Romo

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Have you ever gone to a really nice restaurant for a special occasion? Perhaps it’s a birthday or an anniversary. Before you went out you and your significant other agreed that this would be a night all about spoiling yourselves. You decide to start with an appetizer, the crab cakes and they are awesome. They are one of the best appetizers that you have ever had. Unfortunately, the dinner quickly goes downhill. The Steak from your surf and turf is overcooked and the garlic mashed potatoes are cold. The waiter isn’t very attentive so you are constantly left with an empty drink. The whole experience is disappointing and leaves you feeling like you invested way too much money in an average meal.

The next day on your way home from work you stop at a little diner in the middle of nowhere. The prices blow your mind compared to what you spent the night before. The crab cakes are $2.00 and the surf and turf is $7.00 which is one tenth of what you spent the night before. The food is awesome and the waiter is very attentive. While it’s not the best meal you have ever had, it is superior to the one you had the night before.

I know this is a weird way to start out an article that compares Tony Romo to Jay Cutler, but if you keep reading you will understand why Romo is the amazing diner and Cutler is the overpriced garbage. In order to get to the end though we have to start at the beginning.

Jay Cutler Vanderbilt Jay Cutler’s Collegiate Career

Jay was selected with the 11th pick of the 2006 NFL draft by the Denver Broncos. He attended the college of Vanderbilt, where he amassed an amazing 11 wins in 46 games. In games within the SEC he was 5 and 27 during his tenure. Heading into his senior year Jay was a pretty pedestrian quarterback. But, during his senior season Cutler’s play made a statement that earned him the SEC offensive player of the year award. He was also a finalist for the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm award, which is given to the best senior QB in the nation each season. One of the highlights of his time at Vanderbilt was when he almost led his team to a victory over the 13th ranked Florida Gators. Jay did put up some great stats when he was in college, but what he didn’t do was win.


Tony Romo’s Collegiate CareerTony Romo EIU

Tony didn’t make it to a top college instead he attended Eastern Illinois University, a Division I-AA school. While at EIU, Romo would win the Ohio Valley Conference player of the year award for his sophomore, junior and senior season. During his senior season he also won the Walter Payton award, which is given to the best Division I-AA player. It is pretty much the Heisman Trophy for Division I-AA players. Romo though didn’t cost a first round draft pick; shockingly, Romo was an undrafted free agent.


On To the Pros

Heading into the NFL, Cutler looked like the favorite to have the better career, in fact, there was a question about whether or not Romo would even make it on a team. Romo’s skills though, had caught the eye of the brilliant Bill Parcells.  Parcells and the Dallas Cowboys ended up inviting Romo to training camp where he impressed them enough to not only make the team but was eventually given the starting job.

Cutler BroncosBoth of the future Pro Bowlers saw their first start during the 2006 NFL season. Romo started 10 of the Cowboys games starting week 8 against the Carolina Panthers. Cutler on the other hand started 5 games starting in week 13 against the Seattle Seahawks. Romo ended up going 6 and 4 as a starter and led the Cowboys to the playoffs while Cutler went 2 and 3. Romo finished the season with a QB rating of 95.1 which was just barely ahead of Cutler’s rating of 88.5.

Romo’s 2007 season earned him a spot in his second Pro Bowl to go with over 4,200 yards passing and 36 passing TDs. Cutler had a solid season, but finished with less passing yards(4,211 to 3,497), less passing TDs (36 to 20) and a lower QB rating (97.4 to 88.1). Surprisingly, Jay Cutler has never finished a season with a QB rating higher than 89.2 while Romo has never finished a season with a QB rating less than 90.5. Even during Cutler’s Pro Bowl 2008 season he finished with 1 less touchdown pass than Romo despite playing 3 more games.

After the 2008 NFL season Cutler was traded to the Chicago Bears for 2 first round draft picks a third round pick and Kyle Orton. Not only did Romo outperform Cutler during the 2009 NFL season, but so did Kyle Orton making Bears’ fans blow up sports radio lines with anti-Cutler sentiment. Cutler finished the season with a pathetic QB rating of 76.8 compared to Romo’s rating of 97.6 and Orton’s rating of 86.8. Cutler finished 13th in yards, 8th in touchdown passes and led the league in interceptions.Romo Jersey

The 2013 NFL season offers even more evidence of Romo’s supremacy over Cutler. Despite playing in four more games than Cutler, Romo finished with less interceptions (10-Romo, 12-Cutler). Over the past three seasons, Cutler has failed to start 16 games in any of them, while Romo has started 47 of a possible 48 games.


Not only did Jay cost the Broncos the 11th pick in the draft, but he ended up costing the Bears 2 more first round picks. That’s 3 first round picks on a QB that has never finished a season with a TD to interception ratio better than 7 and a QB rating above 90. Meanwhile, Tony Romo cost the Cowboys nothing yet he has had 5 seasons with a TD to interception ration higher than 15 with 2 seasons above 20. He has never produced a QB rating under 90 and for some reason continues to be disrespected day after day.

PlayerSeasonPassing YardsPassing TouchdownsInterceptionsQB RatingGames Started
Jay Cutler20061,0019588.55
Tony Romo20062,903191395.116
Jay Cutler20073,497201488.116
Tony Romo20074,211361997.416
Jay Cutler20084,526251886.016
Tony Romo20083,448261491.413
Jay Cutler20093,666272676.816
Tony Romo20094,48326997.616
Jay Cutler20103,274231686.315
Tony Romo20101,60511794.96
Jay Cutler20112,31913785.710
Tony Romo20114,1843110102.516
Jay Cutler20123,033191481.315
Tony Romo20124,903281990.516
Jay Cutler20132,621191289.211
Tony Romo20133,828311096.715

So far I’m pretty sure the Broncos won that trade, but who knows maybe Cutler will shock the world and play in all 16 games. I know that hindsight is 20/20 but I ask you readers, who really should have been a first round draft pick? If you disagree with me, feel free to leave a comment.

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January 2, 2014


How to Play Fantasy Football

How To Play Fantasy Football

Have you ever wondered how to play fantasy football and win? While, fantasy football does take a little bit of luck to win your league you can remain competitive every year if you use the right strategies. In this post I’m going to provide you with some fantasy football advice that will help you be the guy or gal that is always in the playoffs. If you are brand new to fantasy football I recommend checking out What is Fantasy Football first before you read this article.

How to Play Fantasy Football – PreDraft Research

The draft is the most important part of your fantasy football season so when it starts you had better be well researched if you want to make it to the postseason.

ADP (Average Draft Position) – ADP is a service provided by most if not all fantasy football hosting websites. It is updated constantly, so it takes into account training camp and preseason injuries. This helps you to gauge players value, especially if you haven’t had a chance to create your own top 200 list. If you are doing a live draft, you will benefit from crossing player’s names off the ADP list as they are drafted. This helps to prevent you from overlooking players that may have accidentally been passed over.

Mock Drafts – Mock drafts are extremely important to a successful draft. It gives you a chance to see how your team looks if you pick an RB with your first and second pick verses picking a QB and then a WR. The more mock drafts that yu do the more analyzing that you can do. Every season is different so it is important to know what players are trending, and in what direction.

Create Top 20 Lists – Try to make a top 20 list for all positions (excluding kickers and defenses).


How to Play Fantasy Football – Draft Day

  1. If you draft a top QB (Rodgers, Manning, Newton, Brees…….ect) do not draft a backup. The only time you will play the backup will be the bye week and for that game you can just pick up a free agent.
  2. Use you last two picks on a defense and a kicker. Defenses and kickers are unpredictable and you can usually find one during the season. For example, at the end of the 2013 NFL season, two of the top three scoring defenses  went undrafted in almost all fantasy football leagues (Kansas City and Carolina).
  3. After your starters (excluding defense and kicker) are set, stock up on RBs and WRs. These two positions will make up over 50% of your starting roster in standard leagues. At least one of your starters will get injured, so it is essential to grab as many as you can. The more you pick up the better chance you will have one that will finish in the top 10. These picks will win you your fantasy league.

Managing Your Roster – Basic Fantasy Football Help

The next step to learning how to play fantasy football is to learn how to manage your roster. Unless you have a player that is seriously injured within the first week or two just stand pat with the heart of your roster.

  • You do not want to overreact within the first couple games and drop a player that ends up dominating the league later in the season.
  • Just drop your kicker during his bye week.
  • Targets are the best way to judge a wide receivers value.
  • Pay attention to players coming off of injuries or suspensions and grab them a couple weeks ahead of time.
  • Don’t be distracted by fantasy fools gold or players that have low scoring weeks and then a huge week out of nowhere. Usually, they do not repeat those performances.
  • Pay attention to injuries and check the inactives in the minutes leading up to kick-off.


Hopefully, now that you have an answer to the question: How to play fantasy football? You will be prepared to dominate your league. Every season is different and there is nothing we can do to avoid player injuries but by following these basic rules you should increase you chance to make the playoffs. Once you make the playoffs you may need a little luck to bring that championship home, but at least getting there gives you a shot. Pay attention to Best Fantasy Football Guides in the coming months as we work hard to add more content that will help you win your league.






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December 4, 2013


The Five Most Disappointing Players of the 2013 Season

With the fantasy playoffs in full-swing it feels like an appropriate time to make a list of the players that have disappointed us the most this year.  Imagine how different your season may have gone if you hadn’t wasted that pick on Doug Martin or Trent Richardson. A fantasy football saying that I have heard a few times before fits well after a season like this one, “Your first round draft pick won’t win you a league but it sure can lose you one.”

Honorable Mention: Doug Martin (ESPN ADP 7.0) was headed for the bust list and everyone’s fantasy bench when he suffered a season ending shoulder injury. He played 6 games and only finished with 1 touchdown and 1-100 yard rushing game. His entire 2013 fantasy campaign matched his week 9 points total in 2012. In the six games he started he combined for a total of 51 fantasy points. The only reason he doesn’t make it on the list is because you can’t predict injuries and he may have rebounded.

Marcus Colston (ESPN ADP 44.7) also makes it in the honorable mention department. He played 11 games for one of the best offenses in the NFL but only mustered 67 fantasy points (Standard, Non-PPR league). The Saints have always been a hard offense to predict though, one week Lance Moore scores 30 points, so you put him in your lineup and he rewards you with a goose egg.


5. Dwayne Bowe (ESPN ADP 59.9, 71 points through 12 games) There are a few players that could have been awarded the fifth spot on this list but I selected Mr. Bowe. Bowe signed a large contract, is the starting wide receiver on one of the best teams in the league, and started every game this season. He had two games with one reception, now if that was one reception for 54 yards and a touchdown it wouldn’t be so bad but Bowe owners were not that lucky. Week three he caught that one pass for 4 yards and week 8 it was one for 7 yards…….way to reward the owners that had faith in you Bowe.

4. C. J. Spiller (ESPN ADP 10.4, 78 points through 11 games) Oh how high the hopes were for Spiller heading into the season. He was a top running back before his coach said that, “They were going to give him the ball so many times that he threw up.” Fred Jackson and a lingering high ankle sprain cut into those carries and landed Spiller on this list. When healthy Spiller has looked good; week 2 he had 16 carries for 103 yards. Week 9 he had an even better stat line against the Chiefs, carrying the ball 12 times for 116 yards and last week he delivered his best performance of the year against Atlanta. He carried the ball 15 times and almost averaged 10 yards a carry and scored a touchdown. Hopefully, Spiller repeats his week 13 performance and becomes a playoff hero forcing me to edit this post.

3. Ray Rice (ESPN ADP 5.9, 80 points through 11 games) The horrendous Chicago Bears run defense saved Rice from the number 1 spot on this list. They were responsible for  25% of Rice’s fantasy points. Rice has had ample opportunities to carry the ball too, weeks 9 and 10 he had a total of 29 carries for 47 yards, that’s an average of 1.6 yards a carry. His poor play this season has brought up the question that eventually faces all players one day. Should Ray Rice retire?

2. Roddy White (ESPN ADP 30.7, 35 points through 9 games) Roddy White injured his ankle in the preseason and it derailed his entire season. If only he had just taken a few weeks off and let the injury heal he could have avoided making this list. It is always hard to know what to do with a star like White because you need to decide if you want to have him on your bench when he finally goes off. If you can handle missing out on a 20 point week you probably avoided his 6 games with 2 points or less. He finally started looking better week 13 when he had 143 yards receiving, but do you dare start him in a playoff game?

1. Trent Richardson (ESPN ADP 11.4, 62 points through 12 games) Everyone thought the Browns were crazy when they traded away T-Rich. We all assumed that his value would only go up in Indy, and then………..it didn’t. He has been just plain bad. He wasn’t injured, he had his chances but in the end he lost his job to Donald Brown. Richardson had a decent year in 2012 but did you know that he only averaged 3.6 yards a carry. Out of 40 players that had at least 100 carries last season (includes 2 qbs) that was good enough for 40th place. Here are a few players that had higher YPC than Richardson last season: Mikel Leshoure (3.7), Vick Ballard (3.9), Mark Ingram (3.9), Jonathan Dwyer (4.0), DeAngelo Williams (4.3), Pierre Thomas (4.6), and Bryce Brown (4.9). Maybe the Browns were right, maybe T-Rich is just bad. I don’t imagine he will be drafted too high next year.

If you happen to run a league and you need to find a trophy to give to someone who drafted one of these player and ended up in last place there is a great list on this page… www.http://bestfantasyfootballguides.com/fantasy-football-trophies/funny-fantasy-football-trophies/

If you think anyone else should have made the list please leave a comment in the appropriate section.

Thanks for reading,



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November 18, 2013

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The History of Fantasy Football

The History of Fantasy Football

The year was 1962 and it was a dark and dreary night in New York City. Three prominent men from Oakland were enjoying some adult beverages and engaging in a conversation that would change how we watch football forever. The three gentlemen were Wilfred Winkenbach, Scotty Stirling and Bill Tunnell; all three men were affiliated with the Oakland Raiders. As they sipped their drinks, they sat brainstorming on ways to make Sundays more interesting. It was that night that fantasy football was born.

Winkenbach is considered the true father of fantasy football and upon his return to Oakland he started building his first league. The Greater Oakland Professional Pigskin Prognosticators League or GOPPPL was made up of eight teams. Andrew Mousalimas an Oakland bar manager and the only surviving member of this inaugural league recalls the draft in an interview with ESPN, “Scotty and I had the first pick, and our decision was between George Blanda and Jim Brown. Jim Brown, Christ, he was outstanding. My god, he would just go crazy on defenses. But in the old AFL, they were throwing the hell out of the ball, so we took Blanda, and by the end of the draft, we thought we had a hell of a team……..We finished last.”

In 1971, Andrew opened a bar of his own that he named the Kings X it was there that fantasy football went public. First he slightly amended the rules that Winkenbach started with adding points for yardage. Then he began making leagues for his patrons. They would pack his bar at game day and pepper him with performance questions during halftime. We think it is bad when someone drafts an injured player or someone that is retired but Mousalimas recalled a far more embarrassing instance at one of his drafts, “One time I had two of my Sicilian friends who didn’t do much research. On the night we were drafting, they picked J.V. Cain from the Cardinals. All of a sudden, everyone starts laughing. My two buddies ask me, “What the hell are they laughing about?” “Well, J.V. Cain died two weeks ago.”

There is no doubt that the internet and technology has made fantasy football what it is today. Statistics say that more than 30 million people play fantasy football every season. It quickly became a multimillion dollar industry. It gives wives an opportunity to prove that they know just as much about football as their husbands. It brings co-workers together and creates rivalries that will last forever. It turns best friends into bitter enemies (at least for a week) and makes us devote more hours to research than we did our entire high school career. It can bring grown men to tears and make us teach our two year-old to high-five so we can have someone who will get as excited as we do.

We can only hope that fantasy football will be around for years because even if we don’t win every season at least it gives us a reason to watch the Jacksonville and Tamp Bay game. If you have any amazing fantasy stories and you want someone to share your joy, because we will share your joy, feel free to comment on the stories page and I will promptly post your experience. The same rule applies if you were tied going into the Monday night game and you had one guy to play and your opponent was done for the week, but your RB carries the ball one time for minus one yard and a fumble, and gets injured on the play.

The draft guide page is currently a work in progress but I will have reviews of every draft guide that I can get my hands on heading into the 2014 season. I had no idea how many appealing books were about fantasy football until I started doing some research. My goal is to amass the largest list anyone has ever seen of funny fantasy football trophies and cheap fantasy football trophies. I will make sure to add links so you can find the product if you decide that it would look good in your trophy case, after you beat your friends of course.

The league type page has some basic fantasy football 101 for anyone that is new to the game. I define some commonly used fantasy football terms, PPR, IDP, Keeper….ect. Did you know that some sites have leagues that run every week? You can find more info about that and some of the services available to you on the fantasy football services page.

My goal isn’t to try and build another fantasy football experts site, there are plenty of those. I simply want to put together a resource for all fantasy football fans. I am not personally selling anything on this site and will never ask for a credit card. If you find something you like, simply click the link and you will be redirected to someone who sells stuff for a living. I hope you enjoy BFFG and if you have any suggestions please feel free to comment. Please bear with me as I continue to add content to make this site a go to spot for fantasy football players around the world.





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